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soccer programming for Alexandria, MN, and the surrounding area

First-Time Referee Course To Be Held in Alexandria

There is an upcoming referee course for first-time referees in Alexandria on April 6th, 10am to 2pm at Northstar Sports Complex. Players who are 13 years old and older and parents should consider signing up for this event.

The benefits of coming to this course are:

  • Better knowledge of the rules.
  • Makes you a better player and more informed spectator.
  • You help out the soccer community.
  • You get paid to referee.
  • You get paid to exercise.
  • A chance for our association to host tournaments in the future.
  • Ability to host future referee courses.

As players and parents are constantly told, there are a shortage of referees and our association is no different. With few referees, it is very hard to re-schedule soccer games, to play games at an ideal time, and have more than one referee officiating at your games.

As the referee coordinator for the Alexandria Area Soccer Association, Thomas will schedule first-time referees in a gentle and gradual phasing in process to be a referee. He will start you out as an  assistant referee (sideline responsibilities) and gradually work up to being the center referee when you feel confident to do so.

For information about becoming a referee please visit Click the REFEREE PROGRAM button near the top of the webpage. Register for the April 6th course located in Alexandria (there are two other referee courses that day in the cities).

Any questions should be directed to Thomas van Wakeren, Referee Coordinator via text 320-491-6566

Lost & Found

This size 3Y soccer cleat was found at Northstar the week of Jan 22nd. Please contact us if you are the owner at

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Monday, March 11th  @ 7 pm

NorthStar Sports Complex
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