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2023 U11-U18 Summer Soccer: Birth Years 2005 - 2012

By Heather Carlson, 10/04/22, 12:00PM CDT


Registration will Open October 15th

Summer Soccer for U11-U18 is competitive play and schedules vary per team. Each team will practice a minimum of two times per week, and participate in approximately ten MYSA League games. Registration also includes twelve 90 minute indoor sessions at North Star from January to March.

Individual teams may choose to participate in  tournaments that could result in additional tournament and coaching costs (averaging $50-80/tournament per player plus travel expenses). 

All players will be placed on teams by the AASA Board of Directors according to their birthdates (see birthdate chart below) & evaluations.

*Evaluations will be held:

  • 2012—U11: 11/17 & 11/19
  • 2011—U12: 11/17 & 11/19
  • 2010—U13: 11/5 & 11/7
  • 2009—U14: 11/5 & 11/7
  • 2008—U15: 11/10 & 11/12
  • 2007—U16: 11/10 & 11/12
  • 2006—U17: 11/10 & 11/12
  • 2005—U18: 11/10 & 11/12

Cost:     Registration $315

Uniform Kits: If needed, you will  order a complete uniform kit which includes 2 jerseys (Home & Away), 2 pairs of shorts & 2 pairs of socks for $90.00. Or you will have the option to just order pieces that you might need (for example, my daughter's shorts no longer fit but the jerseys do, you can order just the shorts). That will be available to order at a later time.

*Names will be on the back of the jerseys so please be certain you are ordering the correct size. Returns and/or exchanges will not be an option. Below is a link to a size chart.  They do run pretty true to size.

Refund Policy:

AASA issues refunds based on the following policies. Exceptions to these policies will be based on decision by the AASA board:

a. Injury before the start of the season that does not allow play for most or all of the season (board may request medical evidence).

b. A family is leaving the community & will not be around for the season (board may request evidence).

c. Other situations beyond the control of the player or family.

Processing fees & uniforms costs may not be fully refundable.