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Please Make Note of Traffic Flow Changes at AAHS

one way

AAHS Traffic Flow Changes:

Starting Monday, May 20, the district will move forward with changing the flow of traffic by creating a one-way in and one-way out of the main school parking lot at Alexandria Area High School. We believe this will create safer conditions for students and visitors.

All traffic will flow into the parking lot from Pioneer Road and all exiting traffic will flow out through the south side of the parking lot, past the football fields, onto 50th Avenue. Signs and physical barriers will be put in place to facilitate smooth traffic flow.

Donate to the Haitian Initiative in Honor of Jack Schneider

Jack Schneider was an AASA soccer player and he was committed to serving those who had less than he had. The Jack Schneider Memorial Fund was established to assist young Haitian children reach the same dreams and goals that Jack shared with them. Click on this link for more information and to make a donation to HI through the JSMF.

Boys U10 Haitian Team Sponsored by The Jack Schneider Memorial Fund

Link to Photos & Videos of the JSMF U10 Boys Haitian Initiative Team!

Our organization through the Jack Schneider Memorial Fund proudly sponsors a U10 Boys Soccer Team with the Haitian Initiative! A photo of the team is below or click on the link above for some additional photos & videos.

Birth Year Chart 2019

Birth Years Teams
2015 U4
2013 - 2014 U6
2011 - 2012 U7/U8
2010 - 2009 U9/U10
2008 U11
2007 U12
2006 U13
2005 U14
2004 U15
2003 U16
2002 U17
2001 U18

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2018 & 2019 U10-U18 Summer Soccer Uniforms
Geison Moura (630) 656-8684

2018 & 2019 Home & Away Uniforms provided by Stimulus Athletic with 11% of their profits being donated to Haitian Initiative

Sponsored by Haitian Initiative

Haitian Initiative

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We are proud sponsors of the Haitian Initiative!

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