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    U16 Girls Burnsville Fire Cup Champions

    U12 Girls Burnsville Fire Cup Champions

    Congrats to the U12 Girls who won their age bracket at the Lakeville Father's Day Cup!

    Donate to the Haitian Initiative in Honor of Jack Schneider

    Jack Schneider was an AASA soccer player and he was committed to serving those who had less than he had. The Jack Schneider Memorial Fund was established to assist young Haitian children reach the same dreams and goals that Jack shared with them. Click on this link for more information and to make a donation to HI through the JSMF.

    Haitian Initiative Student Athletes Sponsored by AASA

    AASA was able to sponsor two youth in the Haitian Initiative program. Our sponsorship pays for annual tuitions which enables these two young people to participate in soccer training six days each week, and it provides them with a nutritious meal following each training session, typically the only meal they receive each day. 

    Consider the impact of a $300 annual tuition on a family whose average, annual income is approximately $400.  You can quickly see the importance of the sponsorships we offer to Thanlot Dimanche and Marie Kettelie Destine.

    Thanlot Dimanche is 17-years old and plays with the senior boys Academy team.  Thanlot has one brother and three sisters.  Math is his favorite subject in school and he hopes to be a professional fútbol player. 



    Marie Kettelie Destine will celebrate her 17th birthday on February 24th.  Marie has four brothers and five sisters.  She studies English in school and it is her favorite subject. 


    Thanlot and Marie both attend The Institution Mixte Foyer Divin, one of the largest schools in Port-au-Prince. The name of the school – Foyer Divin in Creole – translates to ‘Divine Home.’  Many of its students have become doctors, lawyers, theologians, engineers and computer technicians.  Each was an original member of the Haitian Initiative soccer program when they enrolled in 2013.

     Our sponsorship supports the conviction that we lead impoverished people out of poverty through education.  Thanlot and Marie are pleased and grateful that we continue to give them the opportunity to attend school when so many others in their country cannot.


    Sponsored by Haitian Initiative

    Haitian Initiative

    Visit Website

    We are proud sponsors of the Haitian Initiative!

    Birth Years with Corresponding Player Levels - New for 2017

    Birth Year Player Level
    2011 - 2012 U6
    2009 - 2010 U8
    2007 - 2008 U10
    2005 - 2006 U12
    2003 - 2004 U14
    2001 - 2002 U16
    1999 - 2000 U18